In the present computerized scene, online media and sites are by all accounts not the only method of producing deals and make brand believability. All things being equal, the following insurgency – “Versatile Revolution” has spread out various open doors for organizations and money related grounds. Building a portable application is one of the viable approaches to essentially quicken and make a dedicated client base.

Hence, for what reason should the financial area be left untouched? As per the Statistical reports, more than 178.1 Million mobile app development Dubai applications were downloaded in 2017, and the direction is anticipated to become 258.2 Billion applications downloaded by 2022. However, on the off chance that you search for the banking application experiences, they have a ton of work to do. Also, presently is the ideal time for banks to put away their cash and time for building a portable banking application like DIB to open their possible benefits.

This concern must be very alarming for you “The amount Does It Cost You to Build an App Like DIB (Dubai Islamic Banking)”? Even though there has been never one-size fit all mobile app development Dubai that decides how much cash will it take to plan an application like DIB portable banking application, numerous variables sway the general expense for the mobile app development Dubai that you want to join in with.

So, basically, if you’re looking for your mobile app development Dubai to rank among the top online banking apps you need to include these following features that will make the functionality of mobile app development Dubai extremely easy.

  • User-friendly platform
  • Mobile app design
  • Business model
  • The mobile app development Dubai team.

Make a business plan

This is one of the most important reasons because without a structured plan your business is nothing. It is extremely essential to analyse and interpret your business sales and financial forecasts etc.

As android is considered the king of the mobile app development Dubai market and web traffic, it is your choice that which area would you want to target as per your focus.

mobile app development Dubai

You also want to make sure that the functionality of the mobile app development is extremely user friendly and the app is also very easy for the consumer to use. These elements contribute to a high-quality user experience which makes the customer a loyal one. You need to make sure that your online banking app is having the features below

  • Easy and secured Sign-in
  • Hassle-free online mobile banking
  • Easy to pay payment s
  • Balanced notification
  • ATM locator
  • Savings feature
  • Pop up notifications and alert
  • Scheduled payments

With the increase in technology, advanced features can be also cooperated into the mobile app development Dubai which will allow a reliable and unforgettable user experience. All the techies are digging deep into every industry waiting for the business to shock them with advanced technology. Add these features to stand out in the banking industry

1. Use of virtual assistant

There are millions of people who have installed virtual assistants such as google Alexa, Amazon Alexa etc at their homes and people are used to the virtual assistant doing all their work. In this case, you have to make your mobile app compatible with the virtual assistant so when someone says “Hello! Open up my bank account” so the virtual assistant is able to open up the account and answer further questions

2. Face detection and fingerprints

It is safe to say that the practice of remembering passwords doesn’t exist anymore. With the introduction of face detection and fingerprints to open the app will make it highly easy for the customer to use.

3. Persistent check on the transactions

Keep the user satisfied with providing details about transactions.

Let’s take a look at the cost analysis

At the point when you make an application like DIB internet banking application, you make applications for the stages. Hypothetically, you make two applications. While each application advancement organization has its own valuing model for building up these applications, there are billows of questions encompassing the improvement cost of a “DIB – banking application”.

In this manner, it turns a tough undertaking to give the specific figure yet to have a legitimate guess, examine the accompanying focuses:

For the essential variation of the application with simply the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) include and charming UI/UX plan, the cost ranges from US$20,000 – US$30,000 for advancement.

For an ideal mix of fundamental and progressed highlights, the expense can ascend between US$50,000 to US$60,000.

For the application to be made overflow with all the components that DIB versatile application has of now, the expense can reach up to US$75,000 to US$85,000.

For more information contact DXB apps today and have an easy and detailed conversation about developing your Dubai Islamic banking app today!